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Save time. Search from one place.

No more 'back and forth' across different accounts searching for files – Cloudfind lets you see everything from one place. You can even preview files as you search – it's never been easier or quicker to find files.

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Connect to multiple cloud sources

Easily connect to different accounts and start finding files from one place.

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Your security is our number one priority. Cloudfind always uses SSL to ensure your information is encrypted and cannot be intercepted. Your files are stored in your normal cloud store, we don't move or copy anything, which means you maintain the security you already have.

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Collaborate with teams

Organise your files into groups and easily share those groups with people in your team – they'll be able to edit whatever you share.

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Preview files and manage photos

The Cloudfind interface makes it easy to preview images and documents. When you've found what you're looking for, it's simple to edit it or even save it to your harddrive.

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Tag your files

If you're working with lots of files it can be hard to keep track of everything. Cloudfind's tagging makes it easy to categorise your files, so they're in a group when you need them again.

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Work less, with Cloudfind's AI

Our AI does the hard work for you; helping you locate those hard to find files exactly when you need them. We have something we call our context engine that'll make intelligent recommendations to help speed up your searches. Don't forget, the more you search the easier it becomes to find the files you need.

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