An App To Organize Your GMail;Dropbox;Google Drive;GMail;Dropbox;Google Drive

Google Drive and Dropbox gets cluttered.
In-app search isn’t good enough.
We fix this.

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Google Drive. Dropbox. Organized.
An app that uses tags, filters, and more to transform your mess into order.

Helping teams work better together

“With its robust tagging, searching, and previewing capabilities, Cloudfind lets our teams better access photos, videos, and artwork quickly and easily.

Maggie Tielker
Creative Manager, Media Temple

“Cloudfind enables us to have files easily tagged and organized, making them accessible and searchable from our offices in Amsterdam and Dubai.”

Michiel Gomes
Concept Developer, H-Hospitality

“We have gained efficiencies on how we use and organize our files and Cloudfind is an easy solution to our document management needs in Google Drive.”

Denise Mincak
Director of Finance, Khronos

Key use cases for teams

Images and Digital Assets. Organized.
Build, arrange, and share libraries of visual
assets with your entire team.


Organize your teams knowledge bank.
Your knowledge tagged, organized and findable.
A self-serviced team increases efficiency.

Key features

Tag your files so that they can be searched for.

Add tags that can be either private or visible by your team. We also provide automatic tagging that can be switched on and off.

Categorize your files.

Organize your files by who created the document, by client name, and more. Create these yourself and organize by whatever suits your beautiful brain.


Your files. All in one place.
Organize and search all of your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts from one place.

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