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Cloudfind helps teams find the right files quickly and easily, by organizing them in really smart ways.

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Time is your most valuable resource.

… So why are you spending yours looking for files?
We spend an estimated 1.6 hours a day just looking for information.
Cloudfind completely obliterates the energy-sapping task of searching for files.

Find Files Faster

Find files from across multiple Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive accounts at the same time.

Filter and Tag

Search by tags and use filters like People, Date or File Type, to quickly find the files you want.

Stay Organized

Cloudfind enhances how you organize files, letting you create personal tags and dynamic folders.

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Great teams getting organized with Cloudfind

Find files faster and become more productive.

Cloudfind works with your favorite cloud storage services, letting you organize files using powerful tags, filters and dynamic folders.

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