Cloudfind makes it easy to integrate Dropbox, Google Drive or Box with Salesforce

Installing the Cloudfind app in your Salesforce org will enable you to quickly access Dropbox, Google Drive or Box files right from within Salesforce.

Cloudfind automatically connects folders and files in Dropbox, Google Drive or Box to standard and custom objects in Salesforce —so you can work smarter and faster.

Key features:

  • Access relevant Dropbox, Google Drive or Box files when viewing any record in Salesforce
  • Automatically create a set of folders in your cloud store for every new Salesforce record
  • Tag files and use smart filters to quickly find documents like invoices or marketing presentations

Why integrate Salesforce with Dropbox, Google Drive or Box?

Using Salesforce alongside a popular but separate cloud storage platform like Dropbox, Google Drive or Box makes a lot of sense, but it can also be time-consuming and inefficient as users usually end up:

  • always having to search for the right documents for a particular Salesforce record
  • having to manually link files to Salesforce records
  • having to constantly switch between user interfaces

Cloudfind overcomes these problems, allowing you to combine Salesforce with Dropbox, Google Drive or Box quickly and easily.



Integrated seamlessly within the Salesforce interface, Cloudfind makes it easy for Salesforce users to locate just the right files for an account, opportunity or any other custom object.

And unlike integrations that only support manual linking of files to Salesforce records, Cloudfind automatically makes sense of all of your current and future Dropbox, Google Drive or Box files by automatically classifying and tagging them.

Cloudfind doesn’t just integrate Salesforce with your cloud store. Installed within minutes, it brings the best of both worlds and establishes a comprehensive platform for effortless collaboration.

The free 30-day trial is risk-free as you can uninstall Cloudfind at any point without it affecting your Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box account. Try it now!

Free 30-Day Trial

Free 30-Day Trial