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See how Cloudfind can help you organize information and find files faster.

How Cloudfind Works

Sign in with your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive account

Add Tags and Groups Manually or Automatically

Find What You Need Using Cloudfind Augmented Search

Invite Team Members So They Can Find Files Faster

Universal Search

Search across all your Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive accounts at once. Search and filter results instantly using a powerful combination of keywords and tags.

User-Defined Tags

Create your own tags, and apply them to whatever files you want. Set up tags just for you, or create a common pool of shared tags for everyone in your team to use. It’s a great way to get everyone talking the same language.

Automatic Tags

Too many files to tag by hand? No problem! Let Cloudfind’s smart algorithms automatically tag files for you!

Thumbnail View

Review images and photographs and add tags right from within a thumbnail view.


Create Favorites and always have access to the files that matter the most to you.

Team Roles

Control who can apply tags, or who can create new tags or groups, with flexible user roles that reflect how teams work.

Automated Image Tagging – Coming Soon

Cloudfind will use smart image recognition algorithms to automatically tag individual images, saving you time and helping users find photos faster.

Cloudfind works with:

Find files faster and become more productive.

Cloudfind works with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive letting you organize files using powerful tags and filters.

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