OS X Mavericks Tags Tantalize Enterprises

Apple’s latest OS X release, Mavericks, reveals a significant shift in thinking about how people organize and find information. A barely-used feature of the Apple OS for 10 years, “Labels”, has now been revamped, extended to iCloud and repositioned centre-stage as “Tags”. The basic idea is that folders and documents can now be given one or more “tags” indicating –

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SalesForce Files for Customers

Getting your own files into Salesforce, and finding them easily, can be enough of a challenge. But getting your customers’ files into Salesforce can be even harder. The fallback of receiving them as an email attachment and saving them to Salesforce or your Shared Drive just isn’t reliable or efficient. Here, we go over a few ways your customers can

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Box launches new word processor “Notes” in a move against Google Drive

Box just launched Notes – a lightweight editing tool that takes on not just the Microsoft Office suite, but also Google Docs. By moving into applications Box is making a new move, as up until now the company has been known only for its cloud-based content storage and collaboration service. However bold the move though, it appears that Box Notes has a fairly

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5 tips for Saleasforce users to work with Dropbox or Google Drive

1. Recover deleted or modified files in Google Drive or Dropbox Google Drive and Dropbox keep a copy of every saved file over the past 30 days; so even if a Salesforce co-worker accessed the file and saved a bad change, or if a file has been damaged or deleted, you can restore it to an older version with only

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Dropbox and Google Drive in our office

We’ve grown incredibly quickly here at Cloudfind but it’s fair to say that the major players in cloud storage have really made life easier for us. We thought it would be good to share some of our discoveries. Dropbox Dropbox has been a really fantastic tool for us in terms of collaboration. We’ve gone from 2 people to 8 in

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A team to take on the challenge

It’s been an incredible last 6 weeks at Cloudfind! We aren’t quite at the point where we need a bigger office but it’s certainly not far away. Whilst the team behind Cloudfind is full of talent, we’ve known for a while that we needed to add some further depth and bring in new people. We’ve increased our development team with

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Ten days that rocked our world

Cloudfind has had a very exciting 10 days! On May 3rd, we closed a second round of funding which will allow us to achieve our near term goals around customers, people, product and partnering: Customers: We have had some great conversations with a number of potential customers who are looking to use powerful, low risk cloud solutions such as Dropbox,

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Is Federated Search the Answer?

There are some interesting search tools out there that allow you to hook into and search across various file storage locations such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. This seems like a very useful extension of native search applications. But while it would be good to have a single view of search, the issue, of course, is which results are

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