Cloudfind just got featured on BetaList!

Yesterday, Cloudfind got featured on BetaList. And it all went great!

Here’s what we’ve heard back from people:

  • I have Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and thousands of files that I can never find. Cloudfind looks like it could be the answer to my problem. I can’t wait to check it out!(P.S. Thanks for letting us know, Rachel!)
  • “I’ve got thousand of photos in Flickr that I’m saving to Dropbox. I want to tag all of them, will I be able to do that?”
  • “Will you integrate with OneDrive?”

BetaList is a place where early technology adopters from all over the world go to in order to discover new, upcoming technology startups. It’s one of the best places where entrepreneurs can get their early stage tech startup featured as it will generate new signups for their service or app.

The whole team here at Cloudfind uses Slack to collaborate more efficiently and yesterday, around 12pm, we received a notification in one of our Slack channels:

Slack and Notify

Notify issues a new Slack notification every time Cloudfind gets mentioned on the internet.

That specific Slack channel is integrated with the Notify bot and that’s where we receive real-time notifications whenever Cloudfind gets mentioned on websites like LinkedIn, Twitter or Medium.

In this case, it was Notify letting us know that Cloudfind just got featured on BetaList.

And then something interesting happened…

As the day passed, more and more people started tweeting about the Cloudfind app. And as that happened,  we saw requests for early access to Cloudfind rise higher and higher.

Tweets about the Cloudfind Beta2

Tweets about the Cloudfind Beta

What’s even more interesting are the conversations that got started as a result of all of this. The average knowledge worker in the 21st century is working with information stored in lots of different places. We’ve heard that this can quickly get overwhelming and that people want to properly organize their information so that the whole team can work more efficiently and not have to “hunt” for information.

Talking to people about what their main challenges are when working with information that’s stored not just in Google Drive and Dropbox, but across several different apps and repositories, has really provided us with a new perspective.

We are working full speed ahead to launch the latest version of Cloudfind’s software and help people work smarter. Sign up for early access by clicking the button at the top right.


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