You’ve wisely saved your photos to popular, cloud file storage brand Dropbox. Now you may be wondering how to download photos from Dropbox.

Congrats. You’re way ahead of many people who are still struggling with  how to best manage photos online to ensure their safety. Smartphone camera capabilities have dramatically improved in recent years. DSLR cameras with Wi-Fi connection are available at affordable prices. With features and quality once served for professional photographers, these tools are now empowering everyone to take better photos. As a result, we are capturing more moments than ever before. Enter the cloud photo file storage industry.

Of all of the cloud photo storage brands from Flickr and iCloud to Google Photos and Amazon Photos, Dropbox remains a go-to favorite for its continued enhancements and ease of use. While Dropbox is a cloud-based file management brand, it has taken note of increasingly important photos storage and made improvements to the picture saving, viewing and downloading process. As a result, it’s extremely easy to save to and to learn how to download pictures from Dropbox.

Dropbox has made the process of how to download photos from Dropbox a far more efficient and intuitive process compared to their earlier versions. Dropbox recently updated their photo files view into a timeline-based gallery. Similar to the iPhotos format, Dropbox displays large thumbnail images of your photos to make it significantly easier to search for specific events or images.

We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to help you find, share and learn how to download photos from Dropbox.

How to download pictures from Dropbox in 10 easy steps  

  1. Enter “” in your internet browser’s address field and select the Sign In link in the upper right corner of the homepage.

    Dropbox sign in page
  2. Within the Sign In window, enter your Dropbox account login information and select the Sign In button.
  3. Following successful login into your account, you’ll see all of your stored files within the default view. This can feel overwhelming when you haven’t yet learned how to download pictures from Dropbox.
  4. Next, select the Photos option from the menu on the left.

    Dropbox menu

  5. The most challenging part of how to download photos from Dropbox may be actually locating the photo you want to download. Scroll through your images and use the timeline shown on the right within your account to aid in identification. This is the point in which knowing how to download photos from Dropbox will save you time and substantial frustration.
  6. There is impressive user experience design behind this Dropbox photos feature that makes learning  how to download pictures from Dropbox intuitive. Simply hover your cursor directly over the image you want to download.
  7. Once you are hoving, a checkmark will appear in the upper right corner of the image. Click on the checkmark to select the photo.

    Dropbox photos and images
  8. When the checkmark circle turns blue, a new menu will appear across the top of the page. Select the “more options” icon (the three dots) beside the social media icons. These icons enable you to share the photo directly to your linked Facebook or Twitter accounts. There is also an option to share by email with a direct link to your photo.  The Dropbox photos management system makes the process of how to download photos from Dropbox simple but sharing via email and on social media is fast and easy, too.

    Dropbox selecting a photo

  9. Now you’ll need to complete the actual download step in the how to download photos from Dropbox process. Select the Download option from the more options dropdown menu. Then your photo will automatically download to your downloads folder.
  10. Now you can view the downloaded photo – the final step in our how to download photos from Dropbox guide. This step varies slightly depending on your internet browser type. The photo will appear by name in the lower right corner of your browser window or it will appear in a new window that displays your recent downloads. Click on the image name; the photo will open in your default photo viewer program.

    Downloded photo from Dropbox

Note: If you want to save the downloaded image to another folder location, select the Save As option in your photo viewer program, choose the folder location and save.

Saving Dropbox photos or images

Staying current with Dropbox photos

Now you’re fully in the loop for learning how to download photos from Dropbox, but be sure to stay abreast of any Dropbox photos management updates. With competitors focusing on photo storage, Dropbox will likely continue to make saving, finding, downloading and sharing photos even easier. But since you’ve now learned and practiced how to download photos from Dropbox, you’re likely to stick with this well-designed, popular photo storage platform.

And if you’d like to check out the alternatives to storing photos in Dropbox, check out the other 5 options for storing photos online.

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